New law in Illinois 8/29/08

A few new things in the land of law this week:


725 ILCS 5/112A-20, which sets the time limits for the duration of an Order of Protection has been amended by Public Act 095-0886.  The amendment
allows that upon a finding of good cause the term of the Plenary Order can, essentially, be forever.  


An extension of a plenary order of protection may be granted, upon good cause shown, to remain in effect until the order of protection is vacated or modified. Extensions may be granted only in open court and not under the provisions of Section 112A-17(c), which applies only when the court is unavailable at the close of business or on a court holiday.


People v. Billups, (1st District, 8/20/08)
This case is not good for a current client, although it can be factually distinguished.  Here the Defendant made a specific threat to blow up city hall, including naming the method he would employ.  The state showed evidence of that call to 911 and evidence of a search of city hall for explosives.  This qualified as disorderly conduct under 26-1(a)(3) because concealment was implied (or the city inferred it) in defendant’s statements.


In re T.C. (1st Dist. 8/22/08)
Requirement that a 14 year old register as a sex offender for life under the Sex Offender Registration Act after conviction for Agg Crim Sex Abuse does not deprive him of “liberty interest without due process.”

Potential lifetime registration does not entitle juvenile to a jury trial.  

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